Who listens to An Cafe? What do you think of Bou leaving?

April 21, 2007 3:28am CST
An cafe is one of my favourite bands, and I found it really sad when I first read that Bou's leaving, he was one of my favourite members. I will still support an cafe, if they make good music in the future too! What about you? What are your favourite songs from an cafe? Who'se your fav member?
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@SutePri (41)
• United States
6 Oct 07
An Cafe is one of my favorite bands as well. My favorite song by them would have to be "Super Rabbit" It's so fun to sing along with! I liked all the members. Bou more than the others, of course. I was sad when I heard Bou was leaving but hey, he wanted to move on and do his own thing, whatever that turned out to be (I don't know) Whatever it is, I hope he does well with it :) I haven't heard anything new by them after the new guys joined. Did they make more music yet? I'm so behind here, lol. Anyways, An Cafe is amazing. I'll always love them whether Bou is there or not cause I'll support Bou in what he does too! :D
• Estonia
6 Oct 07
Well, check out their new music !! :D I don't like the new an cafe that much, although the new keyboard [yes keyboard :D] player is the coolest one in the group (in my oppinnion ^^). Yuuki is his name :) The newest single was released some time ago, and there'll be a new release in 7.11. it's gonna be in some drama o.O and there's gonna be an instrumental version as well ._. they're going mainstream... =|
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• United States
14 Oct 07
Yea I want to check out their new stuff. I'll do that after I post this :) I've seen the new members but I'd like to know how they sound as well. Bah! Mainstream? Usually I lose just about all interest once something goes mainstream. I kind of noticed how mainstream they had become because when I first learned of them people were like "What's AnCafe?" and now everyone is like "OMIGOSH ANCAFE!! I KNEW ABOUT THEM BEFORE YOU!!!!~@18472834" like knowing about them before someone really matters. The whole mainstream thing gets annoying because of people like that and that's why I usually lose interest :/
@hanadoku (48)
• United States
30 May 07
I actually was not shocked when Bou was leaving the band. In fact, if there was a member that was going to leave, I thought it would be Bou. I didn't like Bou that much. There was something about him that sent off one of my peeves. And that was the fact he should have worn his hair different to make his face less round. I know An Cafe will still make good music, look at all the bands that had a member or members leave and they still made good music. I think L'arc~en~Ciel and Loudness are good examples, and both of those bands are still around. Personally, I only listen to An Cafe if I need to be cheered up or if I want to dance. Nyappy in the World is one of my favorites since it is so up-beat. Also, my favorite member of An Cafe is Teruki, he need more love in the An Cafe fandom.
• United States
10 May 07
When I found out Bou was leaving and read a translation of his farewell message, I was in tears... My friend who is a *super* An Cafe fan was close to crying as well! I simply couldn't believe it, especially since I have just started listening to An Cafe recently, and Bou is (was...) my favorite member. All of them are so cute and I love their music, but Bou is so unique. I wish I knew the complete reason for him deciding to leave! It would make it less difficult to deal with if we knew why, you know~?