I Hate People liKe This!!!!!

@frodloo (424)
April 21, 2007 3:50am CST
i drive my motorcycle this afternoon. i drive it carefully and i saw a man drive his motorcycle too in front of me. then, when i want to formerly him - suddenly he look back and SPIT to me !!!!!! DAMN!!!! i know he is not intentional to spit because after that i look at him with my angry face then he ask for sorry with me. he want to spit to the way. but .... it`s really really NOT polite!! i don`t like people like this. what`s on your head if you see the situation like this ? is it normal to do ? i don`t think so .... do you ever had experience like this ?
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@xelissa (776)
• New Zealand
21 Apr 07
I'm sorry this happened to you. But what can we do about it? Its who this man is, and we'd be causing trouble if we stood up to this person so I'd just simply ignore it.
@frodloo (424)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 07
sure, i dont wanna make more problem with people like this.i just can be hold my emotion and try to be more patient. i`m amazed with people whose can spit on the way. thanks for your respond. keep in touch.
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
i agree with you, those people are so rude and they don't deserved to be respected. that kind of person will be tasting their own medicine someday. this are the leak of the community, what type of person are they, how can their children admire them and have them as their example if they act that way.
• China
21 Apr 07
yes,sometime that cause happen to me,I hate that .