Should police have the power to confiscate motorists' phones?

@ArienKing (4647)
April 21, 2007 5:27am CST
Recently the traffic laws were strickened in india and heavy penalties were enforced to those who breaks the law...this also includes talking on cellphone while driving and are not even allowed tio use any few back, a friend of mine was driving and his cell was kept on the dashboard when all of sudden due to bumps it fell down just at the stop, my friend picked it up and kept it in his pocket...but that time the traffic police cop saw him putting in his pocket and stopped him for challan...he explained what has happened and they never listened and challaned him but since he has no money they confiscated his mobile...and was told to move on...and was told to come and collect it from them from the same spot after getting money..when he went there, he neither got his mobile or those cops...i know he did foolishness of giving his mobile since he was just the beginner roads...but he was threatened to be challaned heavier penalty of does not pay you think should police have the power to confiscate motorists' phones?
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@jennybianca (12912)
• Australia
23 Apr 07
This isn't such a bad idea. Here it is banned from using mobile phones while driving. I guess there are fine if caught. But would think, on say, aq third offence, the mobile phone be confiscated. This wasn't fair what hapened to your friend. The law should say if a person is using their mobile, not picking it up. We can pick up all sorts of things in our cars.