Do you feel inspired?

@matt169 (229)
April 21, 2007 7:00am CST
What is the real reason that you visit this website is it to make friends or money or a mixture of both and the whole essence of meeting friends and discussing subjects that you really have an interest to you while still building up some funds behind it is the best reason? I also like how you can of course chose which discussions you want to take part in and to what extent so really you decide your income rather than click sites where you are given a set number of sites you must click to achieve a certain target which often takes an age to get you a dollar. Do you feel inspired by MyLot to join in and have a lot of fun talking about subjects that you have passion about and to make some money on the side or do you prefer to just take it easy and slowly rather than trying to find the best ways to make the most amount of money?
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