studying after enjoyment or viceversa?

April 21, 2007 10:03am CST
gals and guys wht do u feel,.. studying after enjoying or u feel study first and enjoy ,....
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• China
21 Apr 07
I tend to relax before studying. I'm not someone who can actually relax all the time, I get bored of it then feel like studying! I think a good balance is what matters... do whatever you feel but knowing that you need to do both!
• Malaysia
21 Apr 07
i would prefer study first and then only enjoy my life.last year i sat for an important exam in my will determine whether i can enter university or it is like A-level but the name is STPM in my is the second hardest exam ranking in the jokes about it. i studied for it 1 and a half year in my high gave me a lot of pressure since you had alot to memorize and read.i took 4 subject.but for each subjects there are 2 book which is volume 1 and volume was so hard just to finish even one book a few weeks before the exam started i always have been studied until late at the average time i would sleep is 5-6 hours per day.even when i was having the exam i still stayed u late at night.that time i reduce my sleeping time to 3 hours only per day during that 2 weeks exam.i suffered a lot during that time. but once the exam finished i am enjoying my life right now.sleeping how long i want.playing games every day.i do not have to study anymore since i am just waiting for admission to univeristy in july.
@Wyayenjee (160)
• United States
21 Apr 07
I try enjoying what I studying, just making everything as fun as I possibly could so I don't waste away and die from boredom. Usually, I take short breaks in between studying so it's much better to do, just don't get too distracted on breaks :)