what do you do??

turn on - what do you do ? browsing ? chatting ? or what ?
April 21, 2007 2:38pm CST
what do you after turn on your computer?
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@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 07
turn on my internet, checking my mail, checking my updates software.. and start posting posting. turn on the media player..... find a new song. :)
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• Indonesia
21 Apr 07
okay my friend... thank you...
@Amagnimo (637)
• India
21 Apr 07
My first thing which will be done will be to start the Media Player, and the songs. I simply am, seriously, addicted to music. I just bought a new mobile phone, so that I could hear Music. Then the next thing to do depends on the work, for which I switched on my Desktop.
@kurasa (116)
• Indonesia
21 Apr 07
i press start button hehahaha
• Indonesia
21 Apr 07
of course my friend... i will do same..
@dotesign (36)
• Philippines
3 Jun 08
turning on my pc.... checking my email, then i start using my yahho messnger , start chatting.... checking my friendster account after an hour i feel sleepy....... then i don't know what will be the next thing i do...... hehehehe may be im on the silent mode..... zzzzzzzzz....haahahahaahaha
@MLD_2008 (16)
2 Jun 08
After I turn on the computer, I open my friendster account and check who's viewed me..:)
@aweaver4 (138)
• United States
21 Apr 07
first thing i do is start up a firefox browser and check myspace.com. lame i know, and then aim. and i dont move much from there.