car fraud victim

April 21, 2007 4:27pm CST
here's what happened. I get a letter from the court telling me I owe £160 and I must make payment within 14 days or be arrested or bailiffs will visit. I have no idea what the £160 is for so I ring the court to be told it is for not having tax on a car I sold over 2 years ago. I sold the car in Dec 2005 and the fine is for non tax in Feb 2006. Investigating with DVLA and the garage I part exchanged the car to I find out the car was sold on at auction. It seems whoever bought the car changed the address with DVLA but not the name so it is still in my name. Now I have to go to court and appear in front of a Judge to say I did not own the car in 2006. I feel like a criminal and yet I have done nothing wrong. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Has this happened to anyone else?
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