The Brittany dog breed

United States
April 21, 2007 9:16pm CST
I would like to hear from other Brittany owners about what they like about this breed of dog. Mine is very loving but can be a bit difficult on a leash. I'm hoping she will settle down as she ages. She just turned two years old.
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@biwasaki (1745)
• United States
22 Apr 07
My dad used to have a Brittany when we were growing up. He was a wonderful family dog, very loyal and protective of us. He had a lot of energy, but as kids we loved it because he was another playmate for us to have fun with outside. He did calm down as he got older, but we could never put him on a leash. He would always tug at it and drag us around. Congratulations, I think you picked a great dog to share your life with.
• United States
22 Jun 07
I have "owned" many different breeds and have found that Brits are most suited to our lifestyle. My new Brit, Galet (jah LAY) was a handful on the outset due mainly to her larger-than-averge size and abundance of energy. She is 20% bigger than my first Brit which was the runt. I was expecting a similar animal but she just kept growing. Whereas I never needed to reprimand the runt, I did have to apply two fingers to the nose twice but that was about 5 months ago. (She's 1 1/2 years). I have found that with this breed they respond to hand and verbal tones very well and this has kept her from getting into too much trouble. We take daily walks, at least once a day, and she IS a handful on a leash but it is character-related. This quirk proved to be unchangeable. I've learned to cope by making her halt when the walk gets to be too much to handle. Otherwise I let her enjoy her 15-30 minutes' out of the house/backyard. It's a highlight of her day, barking at the front door when it's time to venture out. My loves about this creature: Very quick to learn new commands, understands facial expressions as commands, extreme desire to please humans, excellent guard/watch dog, playful, curious (always checking out the entire house for changes when she comes in), fairly clean, low maintentance and just plain cute as heck. With all of the afore-listed attributes I happily choose to allow her all the enjoyment she has earned for that small, special part of our day, our walk, despite the occasional bruises and scratches I accrue.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
30 May 07
Hello, First of all I have never own a Brittany, But I been typing up old school notes that I took for excredit on dog breeds. I thought since you own a Britanny, I would share my Brittany dog breed notes with you all. - Brittany until 1982 was register, as Britany Spaniel, with American Dog Kennel club. - it works game like a setter - the breed was named for the French province of where it was originated. - It is believed to have came from crossing of native spaniels and English pointing dogs - It is popular for it's merits as a shooting dog. - Keen sense of smell and desire to please. - adapted to all types of terrian - active enthusiastic, untiring with a jovial character - excellent companion dog Females and Males have the same weight 30-40 pounds average height 17 1/2 - 20 1/2 average There colors are: Orange and white or liver and white with black or liver markings, tricolor: black and white or liver and white with tan markings. I hope you enjoyed these little facts. Take Care, and thanks for sharing with us about your loving friend. - DNatureofDTrain