Good person even without religion, what the function of religion?

April 21, 2007 9:45pm CST
i like to see the fact in my life. many people with religion judge the people with no religion.but in the fact many of people without religion much better than people with religion.i think that we don't need religion to become good person. become good it's depend to our self, our mind view. but what the important of religion? i think that good people still have problem, and maybe they can't stand alone, so maybe they need religion to face the problem. what do you think about my argument?
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• Australia
22 Apr 07
If you said yo can be a good person without religion, Who is tell you that your good or not? Is other people said or your self? Religion is just a directive which is good or bad. Not all religion's people are good, depend on what they is about good is. Like not all man have a short hair even there is a barber. Maybe for him long hair is more cool.And not all man with short hair is uncool man. I hope i make you confuse LOL. If you don't have anyone in this world you still have GOD, religion can face a problem. a Faith can be face a problem