Do you learn from other people?

@raheel07 (485)
April 21, 2007 11:42pm CST
Do you learn from other people's personality and acts? Do they influence you?
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• United States
22 Apr 07
some i do others i dont i personaly try always to just be myself !
@Abbyey (760)
• Philippines
22 Apr 07
We live in a world where we interact with different individuals. I believe that each individual has their own uniqueness which makes them different. These uniqueness we can learn from and be able to understand each other. Another thing is that each individual has their own background, the environment where they grew up in which can affect who they are now, in these individual we can learn from their experiences and mistakes which we may know if we interact with them and be able to probe questions. I believe being able to talk or discuss things with older people gives us the chance to know more about their life, about experience, history and other important things that they have gone through. There is a saying that OLDER people ahave been there and they are NOW on their way back while the young ones are still on way towards where the OLDER people have gone to. Influence may be posible when we really believe in them and that we want to make our lives better by learning from their mistakes and not to make them in the future. Personality is a broad word, however i believe this part each individuals cannot be the exactly the same.This is our uniqueness or who we are, our personality.
@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
22 Apr 07
Oh yes I think you can learn a lot form other peoples acts and mistakes, I believe that is one of the best ways to learn from the mistakes of other people, I read in a book about life onece that a lot about life happens to teach others mainly about compassion and love but it is still learning,,,
• United States
22 Apr 07
I learn from other people not to make mistakes, and how to become a little better. Ok sounds selfish, it's not. Some people infuence me and in a good way, others, if I feel try to influence me wrongly then I stay away from them.