is it true?

@laiza14 (593)
April 21, 2007 11:46pm CST
what can you say abotu the phrase "easy come, easy go"? is it true in a relationship?
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• Australia
22 Apr 07
Sometimes but not always. When we got something we like it so much and we got it easily then you don't want to let it go that easy right? Like a relationship, maybe is an easy to make a best friend but its hard to let your best friend go. Like love you can get love that you want so easy but you will hard to forget your love.
@merlblue (275)
• United Arab Emirates
22 Apr 07
its really depends on how much you love each other
• Malaysia
22 Apr 07
in my opinion.. easy come,easy go.. this phrase does exist in certain situation.. we cannot conclude that it exist in every relationship.. some people are not fond with such phrase.. they do prefer longer term relationship.. easy come, easy go refers to short term relationship... more to like one night stand.... i think it happens also due to both party.. when both parties are unsure about the relationship.. then it will definitely go.. it's what you believe that will actually make your relationship last longer.. and both parties must have the same believe.. to keep the relationship last forever :)
@wakato (3)
• China
22 Apr 07
I think it is true in my life.
• China
22 Apr 07
"easy come ,easy go ",only dscribes that some thing come easily .so we should hold this thing firmly,do not let it go!
@s_bala (75)
• India
22 Apr 07
The the that came to you easy may not be easy for the other person or visa versa. Just take care probably the one who came to you easy might be the right one for you, who nows. 'easy come, easy go' my fail to be true. And if you consider this to be true, possibly you might end you loosing someone who could have be like no other for you....