do you poo-poo regularly?

April 22, 2007 2:00am CST
do you have regular bowel movement? how did you manage to poo-poo regularly? do you eat lots of fibrous fruits and veggies? is constipation due to the food we eat?
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• United States
22 Apr 07
Eating more vegetables or anything fibrous would ease up bowel movements because they add bulk to the stool. Eating too much meat all the time would cause the stool to be too hard and that would often cause constipation, especially to those who don't really evacuate regularly. It is important to have a regular bowel movement. In my case, when I feel that I've been over-eating meat and that my bowel movements have not been regular, then I would immediately supplement my diet with more fiber. Hope this helps you. Happy myLotting!
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