April 22, 2007 3:41am CST
what can you say about woman who act as a mistress?are they sinners?
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• United States
11 Jul 07
Yes, they are sinners, but so is everyone else. No sin is greater than another, some just hurt more. But "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Don't condemn her, just correct her. And if she does not accept correction, distance yourself, because you definitely do not want that kind of influence.
@Janey77 (20)
• New Zealand
6 Jul 07
If your definition of "sin" is "doing something wrong", then yes, they are sinners. Someone who destroys someone elses life and wrecks families, causing hurt and pain simply for their own comfort, is in the wrong. When you are married, you and your husband become ONE. If you are sleeping with a wife's husband without her permission (and what sane wife would give it?), then essentially, you are raping their marriage. If someone wanted to have mistresses, they never should have gotten married. And if you decide to be a married man's mistress, you are a cold and heartless fool.
• Philippines
6 Jul 07
if the mistress is aware that the guy has a family and kids for that matter, i think it is a big sin for them. they are not really sinners but they are hypocrites who want to ruin their lives and life of other people as well. they are heartless individuals who are too selfish and thinks of themselves only.
• Philippines
22 Apr 07
hi joannmoster, woman who act as mistress? 1. they are actresses given the role as mistresses. they arent sinners. its their way to earn for a living. 2.they arent sinner for me. they are... a) victim of sweetwords of the misters b) they are sinners. theyre just in LOVE.
@sugarfloss (2139)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 07
a bunch of mofos.yes.