My Recent Obsession with Omega watches in Ebay

April 22, 2007 4:29am CST
I will be the one to admit it last, but I think i am hooked with Ebay. I started Windows shopping(Pun intended)inside its walls about a month ago and I have been checking items at least 5 times a day, everytime my schedule permitted me. It was triggered by my desire to buy an original Sony cybershot DSC H5 camera, at a lesser price of course(truth be told, I got the camera, also through the internet, but not in Ebay), and it was all that was needed to fix me and Ebay a long ardous date. Now, i am so into bidding for used Omega watches, especially Seamaster's. I was never a watch connoisseur, nor enthusiast, but my desire to own an authentic but discounted Omega keeps on growing each day. To those Ebayers' out there, do you think its such a good idea to look for discounted, pre-owned, Omegas in Ebay? Or will i just end up with a splendid replica, or a Frankenwatch at the very least?
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