Aliens: are they out there?

April 22, 2007 7:01am CST
Aliens are they out there ? that's something i'd love to know. Are they mean? Are they nice? Do they look like us? Do they look like fish? Do they exist? i've heard many theories, and i have my own opinions,but i'd love to hear other people's thought on this.....
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@axelady (145)
• Portugal
23 Apr 07
Nobody demostrated clear. We saw different pictures, movie sequences, some testimonies of peopels who claimed that were kidnapped by aliens, but never an official contact with aliens has been made. However, i think that over 90 % of peoples think that aliens exists. It must be true according to infinite dimenssion of the universe. Let me tell you a bout a similar case. Nobody saw God, but over 90 % of people think that God exists in way or other (the exactly name of the God depends on religion). So those two situations are almost the same. Nobody saw, an official contact has never been made, but everybody believes in it. I guess this part of the human nature...what do you think ?
@jfpicard (179)
• Canada
22 Apr 07
I really think that Aliens exists. I don't know is human is been contacted by them, but it's a real possibility. There a billions of stars out there so it's almost a certitude that another plant got intelligent lifeform.
22 Apr 07
definately........ the way my hubby is sometimes.....he must be an