What to say to your child about you dying.

United States
April 22, 2007 7:35am CST
Yesterday my daughter came to me crying when I asked her what was wrong she said I cannot live without you Mom and what am I to do when you die? After giving her all the answers I could think of I thought I am still trying to deal with life without my Mom after 12 years without her. I had no warning just one morning she was gone. Yes I have all that she taught me I have her pictures and memories and all that but how can I tell my daughter it is ok for her to be afraid to live without me and that I am worried to leave her that I worry that she will have no one to help her thru everyday life and no one to protect her as I do here and now.What do oyu say and how do we know they are alright before our time comes to go and why would we not worry about them. What can I tell her to calm her because nothing I can say or do will fill the void she will feel when I am gone. I still miss my Mom so much but cannot see or talk to her until I go to heaven... Athena
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@semak76 (187)
• United States
22 Apr 07
If your child is old enough, I would tell her all that. It might not make her miss you less, but at least she will understand that it is a natural way to feel. That it is hard, and she will never forget you, but she will live her life because there are others out there who love her always and she needs to be there for them. Confiding in her and sharing your heart will mean more to her than any made up answer you can think of.
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@Augustta (1850)
• Poland
22 Apr 07
Well depend of kid age of course.When my daughter find out that i will die also she cryied a lot saying "if you die i will die"...but she was little...Now is not so little but still keep saying that she want be near me when she will get married(rolling my eyes)and when i die she want to die also,because she love me to much...I know she will understand more good in nearly future... augusta
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