ever had a teacher who changed your life?

April 22, 2007 11:49am CST
i had mine when i was in grade six. she would often ask me to stay after class, and she would scold me about how untidy i looked at the end of the day. you see, i was very active then, and a bit carefree, that i usually would have grease and slime all over my uniform. this teacher also told me she knew i would be successful someday, and she didnt want to think of me as the girl who used to be untidy. she was also the one who told me how to be strong and to fight for my ideals. i dont know where she is right now, but i do hope she knows how much she has inspired me.
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@inraba (7)
• France
22 Apr 07
Teachers play an important role in students life ,they are no doubts the pillers in which the student constuct the building of their future life. If one get a loyal/sincere/good teacher in life the building (life) of that student will be as strong as a steel Tower. There are few teachers which really plays role in students life in majority of cases the student himself learn from the society, relatives and friends the ups & down of life !. Am I Right? answer required from the readers !