was da media attention on aish-abhisek weddining rite??isnt it too much??

@paraacbe (231)
April 22, 2007 12:35pm CST
i think media nowadays are making so much of celbrities life.If they wanted to keep the affair private,they have their right to do it..it was disgusting to see news channels showing it all da week rather than concentrating on more serious issues..your views??
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• India
26 Apr 07
yes it was too much attention..but Amitabh being superstar of our country...the extra attention was expected....
@Zerzis (557)
• India
24 Apr 07
I dont blame news channel about exposing the celebrites. THats infact their job,...they have public whi are crazy about the rel;ationship in between ash and abhi so its thie duty to quench their thirst. ANd why not..in the era of tough competition in bewtween news channels also.. i think to gain the market they are doing it..
@kuest1986 (483)
• India
24 Apr 07
no it wasnt too much! it was expected
@jyot_83 (46)
• India
23 Apr 07
Quite true. What the media was doing it was too much. But I do not approve the decision og Bachans to keep it strictly private. They bcould have made a public appearance after the wedding for the public na. all the celebs have done it in the past. What the heck after all. These fans are the ones who make them earn their living, And this is a little price which one has to ay be become popular.
@anonymili (3138)
22 Apr 07
Of course anyone has the right to privacy at their wedding. Unfortunately the press of the world and fans of celebrities think they have more rights over celebrities lives than the celebrities themselves do which is a shame. People tend to forget that celebrities are human. Weddings are stressful enough as it is what with wondering if everyone is going to turn up, are people going to enjoy the celebrations, are you going to look the best you can in your wedding attire, etc, without having to worry about uninvited guests (like the press and overly keen fans) gate-crashing the proceedings! It did seem like the Indian news channels had absolutely no other real news to show this week! The press of the world do have a tendency to go over the top quite often and I hope the happy couple were not too distressed or disturbed by their continual presence outside the wedding location! :)