A question for women and/or doctors about period pain

@mmiller26 (1932)
April 22, 2007 1:07pm CST
I was on the Depo shot for about 3 years. My last injection was Nov 28 of 2005, and I quit because I'd been bleeding EVERY day for 6 months. It took me from December to March 2006 to stop bleeding completely. It took from March to about October for my periods to be in any way regular. By that, I mean that I'd cycle backward about 6 days every month--if it came on March 20th one month, it would come on April 14th the next. Finally I'm at the point where my periods are coming at reasonably the same time every month. BUT, now I'm getting some weird things happening. My PMS is off the charts and it's getting worse each month. A few days ago I would have cheerfully murdered half this town if I had any chance of a jury aquitting me due to PMS. My period is just..wonky. The first 3 days are HEAVY HEAVY bleeding. I'm talking gushing. It's just disgusting. After that it slows down, but is still bright red and lasts about 7-8 days total. The cramping is awful. Yesterday out of nowhere I had pain in my lower right side (just inside my hipbone) for about an hour. It was so bad I was crying and curled up in a ball. My husband said my face was pale, almost ashen. I called the Telehealth nurses for advice. They recommended I go to emergency since it was so bad. I decided I should shower before going, and thankfully it finally eased up and I didn't go. But this happened two days this week. It's always pain in my lower right side of my pelvis. Usually I get cramping right before I have a clot. The harder the cramps, the bigger the clot. But I didn't really get clots this month. I got a few pieces that were dime-shaped, but that's it. So of course I get online and start checking symptoms and I've come up with everything from a burst cyst, endometriosis or ectopic pregnancy. None of which I can confirm because in this damn town it takes months to get a gyno appointment. My next appointment is sometime in the middle of May and I made that about 6 months ago when I wanted to get an IUD. Any advice? Any women have anything similar going on? I refuse to take birth control because I don't react well to the hormones, so that's not going to work to help control this. I'm considering carving my uterus out with a dull spoon! Argh. I need help.
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