As a good child, how many times you will visit your parents in a year ?

April 22, 2007 10:36pm CST
I will visit my parents three times in a year as I live in a place too far from them . Though it is hard to see them, I miss them always. But so few time I see them , I feel I am not a good child . How many times you visit your parents in a year?
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• Canada
23 Apr 07
I don't believe the amount of times you visit a parent means you are a good or bad person . Circumstances can prevent you from doing something as often as you like . I would love to be able to see my parents more then I do but they both live quite a distance from me . I don't have a vechile that would be reliable enough to get me to see them as often as I would like and we have five children . Three of whom are in school which means we have to work around their schedule . We also have to try and work around the work schedule of my husband who works full time all summer long , sometimes as many as 18 - 20 hours a day . Also with the price of gas it is not always the best idea to waste the money we have on a visit that would be nice but will not allow us to pay our bills because we spent unwisely . I don't believe this make me a bad child because I am not in a situation where I can take the time to go visit more often . I very rarely get up to see them and usually only get up once every few years . I would love to have the opportunity to get up and see them more but time and money and availability is not always an option . I have five children so it would be too much to find another way to get up there as it would cost even more to do this . I get to see my mom much more as she travels down every year and comes quite often in the summer but my dad and his wife are not able to do this as they don't have the money either and my dad is not healthy enough to travel . I would love to get up and see my dad all the time as I know one time I go see him it will be the last time as he is not doing all that well but I know that he understands why I can't get up there and we find other ways to communicate with each other such as on the phone and over the internet . I love my parents very much but would never consider one of my children bad because they were unable to come see me as they have their own lives to live and money is not the easiest to come by especaially since the price of gas has steadily been going up for the last year or so . Try not to feel guilty about what you are unable to do and try to focus more on what you are able to do such as phone your parents , let them know how much you love them and how much you would love to be able to see them . They will understand because they would have been in the same situation with their parents at one time as well :) Take Care !!
• China
23 Apr 07
As many as possible.If you can afford the expense,you'd better invite your parents to live with you.You can talk and look after them everyday.They can feel that you live them deeply.Then they living happily to pass their left time of their life.