HELP!!! You've got to help me decide.....

April 23, 2007 2:22am CST
I bought this dog a female dalmatian, 2 mos. old the other week. After 3 days, she started vomiting and have loose bowel. The following day i brought her to the animal clinic to have her treated. They place iv fluids on her but it's been 6 days ago since she was hospitalized and there was no improvement. The breeder and the petshop doesn't want to take her back or help me with expenses even if the doctor's findings is amoebiasis and bacteria enteritis. I'm shouldering this alone even if i had her for only 3 days, I even have doubts if she really has a complete immunization shots before i bought her at the petshop and the breeder claims she has even if there was no vet signature in her record book.According to the vet, the dog is very sickly and there is a chance that the sickness will occur again in the future. I'm afraid to take her back because my shih tzu and my maltese-terrier might get sick too like her. What do you think, should i get her back? Are the breeder and the petshop liable for the dog's illness too. I feel that i'm in the losing end here. What do you think? Please help me....
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
23 Apr 07
Oh dear this is not good for you some pet shops all that they want is to make money from us pet lovers and I think that it would be advisable to take the dog back as the pet shop is liable for selling you a dog that is in this condition as long as the vet would write something on paper so that you have proof that the dog is suffering like this as it is not fair at all. There should always be a vet signature on all the paper work as otherwise the pet shop is liable for deceiving you like it did.
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• United States
23 Apr 07
sad but true about petshops and a lot of breeders and money. you should definatly take the dog back to the shop, since you bought it from them..if they are unwilling to give you a refund threaten them with small claims court for the vet bills. see what they say then. it might change their mind. if you want to keep the dog, ask the vet if what ails the dog could infect your others. find out for sure before you make the final decision whether or not to keep the puppy, cause you dont want to end up losing them all to illness.
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• Philippines
23 Apr 07
Yeah, i think so to that they should take it back. I feel that i am being victimized as a dog lover. Thanks for responding.