who are easier to befriend? girls or boys?

April 23, 2007 2:31am CST
boys are easier to befriend. im not saying that im a flirt but because i think that opposites really do attract and sometimes, girls repel girls and boys repel boys, especially when their personalities crash. based on my experience, i tend to get along well with boys than girls because boys are more real and staright to the point. what about you? share your experiences to us!
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@vicky19810 (1601)
• China
23 Apr 07
hi friend,for me ,as a girl,i think the boies are easier to be friend than girls.as the boies will not be narrow-minded,and they will be self-effacing.how do you think about?
• Indonesia
23 Apr 07
I guess that depends on the motivation, me for example (a boy) when I joined mylot I put my own pic as the avatar, and I don't get that many respond for my discussion, but when I change my avatar to this one, I got an increase in the respond and mostly from guys. Is it just me who think this way? or just my discussion is not interesting?
• Malaysia
23 Apr 07
erm.. i think i'm closer with boys.. yes.. maybe it's because i'm a boy.. but.. i think it's really difficult to get close to a girl.. without having a relationship wit hher.. don't you think so? someday.. she will get a boyfriend.. and she won't have time for you anymore.. and sometimes.. her boyfriend might even scold her for text messaging you or calling you.. don't you have such experience? i do.. eventhough her boyfriend didn't actually find me.. but he's checking everything about me.. i'm just a normal guy.. and i'm not as handsome as he is..but he do afraid that i might be closer to his girlfriend compared to him.. isn't that silly? haha