Do you enjoy 4 meals or more everyday?

April 23, 2007 3:44am CST
Cause i am major in clinic in a medical university,i have a lot of things to resite.So i should eat more foods which full in nutrition,then i have enough energy to learn something by rote.Generally speaking,i enjoy 5 meals per day.Except breakfast,lunch and supper,i often enjoy other 2 meals in noon and evening.But i'm not fat at all.Because i have too much stress on study. What about you?How many meals do you enjoy per day?
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@chiyosan (30194)
• Philippines
26 Apr 07
i dont enjoy too much food nowadays, it feels like i have lose appetite, before i can eat two fried chickens now, im super full with just one and no rice. i usually would have 3 meals, sometimes even 2.
@mypigbox (2245)
• China
23 Apr 07
Noraml three meal a day for me.It is breakfast,lunch,dinner.Sometimes i will have afternoon tea and snack.and in deep night i will eat some snack.but i do not think they will be a meal for a day.
• Philippines
23 Apr 07
if i work on alot of things i prefer to have 5 r even 6 meals a day. we consider snack as meals because here in the philippines, a pasta is just a snack which to some other places is already a full meal. during these times, i'd eat breakfast, snack in the morning, then lunch, then another snack in the afternoon, dinner and a midnight snack before i go to bed. i used to be slim but after i got married, i started to have belly. being slim has something to do with the metabolism of our body. it is not the same on all individuals that's why there are those who eat a lot and yet are still slim while some are having diets but are still big in size.