when do you consider something as a luxury?

April 23, 2007 3:59am CST
hmm. i consider something as a luxury whenever it feels too good to be true. having very clear skin for example is a luxury for me. having to sleep in an airconditioned room is a luxury for me. having to eat a banana split is already a luxury for me. we should realize that simple things in life are in fact luxuries in their own right. we should learn to appreciate the simple things in life you know.
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• Malaysia
23 Apr 07
erm.. what do i consider luxury? having a big house.. and it's fully furnished.. with many rooms and each room must have an air conditioner.. and a heater or course... the bathroom itself must be as big as the room.. so i can go and relax in my hot bathtub.. haha.. it's merely a dream if nobody work hard towards it.. is it true? ...i agree that we should learn to appreciate simple things in life.. but if you don't dream.. you never change the perspective that you can also one day.. have all this with you.. i believe david beckham would have the house i always wanted to stay =P