A Family that prays together, stays together

@psyche49f (2504)
April 23, 2007 8:02am CST
This is an old adage: "A family that prays together, stays together". I firmly believe in this; call me old fashioned, traditional, obsolete, but I honestly believe that when family members gather occasionally to pray for each other, their bonds are strengthened, and each member is blessed. This has been our practice with my husband and two kids. We have done this ever since our two kids were just toddlers. We carry them to church, bring them to prayer meetings, and other gatherings which are spiritual in nature. Because of this exposure, our two kids are used to praying for each other. Just tonight, we also went to the cemetery to pray for my dead father who celebrated his birthday yesterday. I'm glad my son, who is 21 years old, saw the importance of giving time for family members, even if they passed away more than ten years. In fact, we have an unwritten commitment to visit deceased friends' wakes whenever we can and pray for them. This is one legacy I passed on to my children. what about you, do you believe in the power of prayers? I'd appreciate it if you could also share your family's best "practices". I'm sure I'd learn a lot from you.. .
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