which mobile phone do u use......

April 23, 2007 8:23am CST
hey guys out dere!!!!share ur views bout ur mobile phones......i use sony ericsson w550i-fantastic sound quality
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@quawertz (778)
• Philippines
5 Jul 07
hey,,, same here. i love my phone but my only problem is its doesn't have a memory card. my phone hanged up 2times because i put too much music files.. hihi... but still i love it. though more and more people are owning this kind of unit,. i kinda like my phone to be, somewhat rare,hehe... i know it is impossible..
19 Jun 07
I use a sony ericcson w810i, it has all your basic mobile phone functions as in camera, sms, video, walkman etc along with the extra features of Email, internet services, music photo and video editing software, There are many features to the handset that i probably will not mention in his post but the ones i do mention will show why i highly reccommend this handset, there is even expandable memory card slot i have a 512mb memory card slot i have already out 112 song s on the card and have space for about the same to be added again, The video camera function has the ability to last as long as the memory on the card lasts which also means i could record 512mb of video footage on a single card and i believe it to be 128mb on the handset, there is also a light on the phone which helps taking pics in not very good light conditions, but another function of this light is the SOS feature which means it flashes in morse code to alert people if happen to get into danger 4 example, the sound and picture quality on this phone is second to none i would highly reccommend it to anybody that would be interested in purchasing one.