College life is FUN or HUGE WORK(Assignments)????

April 23, 2007 8:25am CST
I personally feel it is of both but it upto us to enjoy part of both as we dont get our college life back.
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• United States
24 Apr 07
I could see it as being a little bit of both. Most college students are fresh out of high school and on there own for the first time. That newfound freedom is very appealing to most. Their parents aren't there to reprimand them, and they can do pretty much whatever they want, within reason. [Assuming the student lives in the dorms on campus or apartment building near the school in which they attend.] On the other hand, there is a lot more responsibility put on their shoulders. They're the ones who have to get themselves to class, remind themselves of assignments that are due and manage their time wisely, and earn money for their class [if not in school with a scholarship or other full ride] and other extras, such as laptops and cell phones.