Roses for the Roaches

@vega83 (6345)
April 23, 2007 11:50am CST
That might have confused you a little but let me explain what that title means. You see when I was in school, I was part of a program called "youth leadership program" of Toastmasters international. Now I had never written a speech in my life before and I haven't done so after, either. Now, I do write stuff, you know, this and that, and it comes natural to me, but when it came time to write my speech I was stuck, not because I'm a bad writer, but because it's so hard to think of something to write in the first place, almost like starting a topic here, the writing part is easy, the conception difficult. Anyway, I was so stumped by this and I really didn't know what my speech should be about, so I took something that is really very common and decided to talk about it. I wrote a speech about "cockroaches" , that's right, cockroaches, and I really glorified them too. It was actually quite funny and people did like it so much that it was chosen as one of the speeches to be read at the induction ceremony of the program too. So, I wrote about roaches, and called it "roses for the roaches" Really, it is extremely difficult to think of something to write about. Have you faced this before? Have you ever written a speech, if so what was it about, tell me of your most weirdest one. And if you haven't, what would you write about, if you were given the chance.
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23 Apr 07
I'm not a writer, but many people have asked help from me to write about a variety of things, which I would usually do to help others out. The topics I would be good at would be anything about people. The more humorous it is, the better. Nothing original, really, just something that many people would identify with. I am a very keen observant, and I have a solid background in psychology, psychiatry and physiology, so I could easily apply all these bodies of knowledge and come up and explain what makes others tick. People would give me a topic and I will write something about it. I don't usually pick my topics. As I've said, I'm not a writer. Hehe. I believe you're a good and creative writer. Happy myLotting!
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@vega83 (6345)
• Bahrain
24 Apr 07
hey thanks. That's the more difficult part though, the topic, and what to write about, instead of the actual content, at least for me that's harder.