@gem786 (61)
United States
April 23, 2007 3:37pm CST
we exprience peer-pressure mostly in colleges, schools and among friends or community. for instance, most "populargroup" in school is the main trigger of peer-pressure. children, especially around adolsense year spend more time with friends and less time with family. this is the main reason for susceptible to the influence of peers. we mostly highly exposed to clothing, hair style, music, and sport. for example, in high school teenager think is very cool to stay late in hallway after class begun. it's fun to miss class and walk out from back door. peer pressure also influence as an smoker, drugs and etc. we all face it everyday!! we see and expreince it. did you ever experience peer pressure in your life? as an parents or guardian how would be deal with peer pressure your children are facing in their surroudings?
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@mlgb_24 (638)
23 Apr 07
i experienced peer pressure when i was in secondary school, but i was able to balance it, probably because i matures early, so they say. the importance of family and time together was instilled to me at a very early age, and i think that value helped me to prioritise at a younger age which is more important. my friends are great, so they understand my point of view. peer pressure is a matter of control, either you let it affect you or not.
@patgalca (15315)
• Orangeville, Ontario
23 Apr 07
I think my husband, at almost 44 years of age, still succumbs to peer pressure. Guys today won't hesitate to tell you that you are pu**y-whipped if you say you "can't" go something or go somewhere. They think it's hilarious to get so drunk that you are throwing up for two days. Ha ha ha. Not!My 14 year old daughter has yet to succumb to peer pressure. So far she has turned away from those friends who have turned towards something she doesn't care for. The girls that are now wearing the short skirts or are smoking are no longer her friends. As she says to me, she is an athlete and she is not going to do something that is going to wreck her health. I pray to God she keeps that attitude. My 10 year old I worry about. The boys really like her and she likes playing with the boys. That can get her into a bit of trouble. I have tried to get her to stay away from the boys for awhile but she likes to play sports and of course so do the boys. People tell me I have nothing to worry about with a ten year old. She'll be eleven this summer. I think I have plenty to worry about.