Why are so many people soo anti christian?

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April 23, 2007 4:15pm CST
This is what I see.I see threads about many different subjects.Hundreds of subjects.In politics things get heated.On sports teams things get heated. But when it comes to Christianity.... I see hatred, dripping wet with venom.Why? This is not a 'hate Christ' forum.Christianity is not the largest religion,nor does it have the worst human rights record in the media...it has nothing that should put it at the top of your hate list. Why do so many here feel the need to make topics bashing the beliefs of Christians??? 1.
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@oldiebut (859)
• Canada
23 Apr 07
Geez these Christian threads are going to kill my rating, they are a vindictive sort. You forgot to put "in my opinion" in there. You might also qualify some of your more sweeping statements. For instance, Christianity is not the largest religion in the world, yet it controls most of the world's power and wealth. It may not have the current worst human rights record, but there was a time when it led the way, and is still quite capable of some hideous acts (say abortion clinic bombings). Also, you have scarcely defined Christianity. Two relatively small parts, evangelical Americans and the Catholic church get most of the attention. Evangelicals probably bring the most heat due to their somewhat antiquated views. Next, I don't know where you see these threads. Coincidentally, I see the exact reverse. A day does not go by when several people feel the need to babble on about their religion. I have seen very few anti-Christian threads and no hate Christians threads (plenty of hate Muslim threads though). I know Christians certainly get hostile when you ask any historical details about their religion, they don't seem interested. Finally, in life in general (using North America as my example), daily life is dominated by Christians. They have their own broadcasting stations and media outlets. The political leaders dare not express an anti-Christian view. They have forced their mottoes on currency and symbols. They do battle with science in the desperate attempt to cling to their fundamental beliefs. Their religious holidays are government holidays. Perhaps if you just left others alone, they might ignore you, I know that's all I ask.
• Niger
23 Apr 07
I may feel this because my religion is christian but not the religion of my ancestors... To not lie to myself it's necessary to ask myself why did my people become christians? how??? and what if he say no??? today as democracy is the key mother of the day. I mean one can choose the way to worship God at least??? I'm from the other side of the earth and too much from here have been hide to the humanity.