What If GOD Is Infront And Talking With You???

god... - Do you believe in God???
April 23, 2007 6:35pm CST
Will you give THANKS??? And what are those things?...Do you have QUESTIONS for Him??? And what are those?...Will you ASK Him SOMETHING?? And what are those?... I will give THANKS for the PARENTS He assigned to me.For the sisters and brothers i have.For the FAMILY where i belong now! For the blessing and the graces He shower upon us in our everyday life.For the love sorrounds me. For the kids i have now. I guess, i wont ask Him all the sorrow and pain i experienced unless, i will ask Him too the time when i am happy and bliss. Maybe i will ask Him why im not tall???Lol!!Why im just 5'0??? I will ask Him to guide me in all my endeavors in life,to give me more Wisdom,Courage,Faith,Love and Most of All a FORGIVING HEART!!!To give my family a GOOD HEALTH and LONG LIFE!!!
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
24 Apr 07
I would thank God myself. Although I have a illnesses. He has allowed me and helped me with it along the way. Even before when I ahave had problems God has always been there. I would also thank him for my family, my sister, my mom and my dad and my neice and my nephew and fot all of the friends I have met throught life.
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@mimatexas (1835)
• United States
23 Apr 07
I will give praise to him and glorify his name. I will give thanks to him for the life he gave me, for my parents and brothers and sisters he gave me, for the family he gave me too, for the church I belong to and their church members, for the house he gave me, he clothed me, the food, the environment I am in, for all the blessings I have, because he made me live for the third time to give me an opportunity again to serve him. I would ask him why he took away my brother when he was only 14.
@munhozmib (3851)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
23 Apr 07
I'd just say: "I knew I could trust you on, Sir. Do you actually have a plan for us all? Thanks for everything." That'd be it. Short words, so I wouldn't take his time. I don't think I need to spend too muc0h time thanking Him, I can thank Him every day and night.
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• Philippines
23 Apr 07
If God is in front of me, I would probably kneel down, hold him and cry. At that moment, I think I would be speechless for no words could exactly utter how much I am sorry for all my sins and how much I am thankful to finally meet him despite of my being too imperfect in his eyes.....
@Lavera1 (897)
• United States
23 Apr 07
That is a very good question, Gwapako, and all I can say is I do not know what I would say to God if He were in front of me. You know I am aware that He is in me and i talk to Him all the time anyway. So to have Him acutally in front of me is something else. I would probably fall on my face and yes worshim Him first of all