Have you ever fallen off a bicycle or scooter/motorcycle?

United Kingdom
April 23, 2007 7:53pm CST
I have fallen from both. Many years ago, I actually came off a bicycle head first over the handlebars, and I never discovered why, or how. I fell off a motor scooter once, and still have a little scar in the palm of my left hand from that tumble. How about you? Have you ever come off a bike or motorcycle/scooter/bike?
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@arvee17 (730)
• Philippines
30 Apr 07
I had fallen from both of them too... I fell off from my bike when I was first learning how to ride it and left me a scar on my knee. But it doesn't show much now. But after falling from my bike i learned how to ride a bike and was even bike racing with the boys in my neighborhood and i always won. Not that I'm bragging... then when i was a teen, i wanted to learn how to drive a scooter but i had a major accident first time i tried it... luckily i was wearing jeans and a helmet at that time and didn't give me any scars or any injusry to my head but my back and my legs were black and blue and the scooter that i was riding on was really damaged. then a couple of weeks from that incident my father bought a motorcycle and i was so excited to test drive it. I had another accident and crashed into a tree. My legs got bruised and made my dad to get angry with me. after that i stopped my dreams of learning how to drive a motorcycle and just dream of having a car which is far safer than a bike. Oh, just 3 weeks ago, my sister-in-law who's in her early 20's invited me to try her scooter. I didn't want to but i was thinking she might think i was a scary cat so i tried for the third time to ride a bike. And finally i was able to ride a scooter with out falling off. I was still scared of it and was thinking of the many accidents i had but i was still able to do it! i still prefer my car though.
• Australia
30 Apr 07
Speed Twin Triumph - Mr on the 500 Speed Twin Triumph 1953
I should have done Carl. I very definitely should have done, but I never actually came off. I did burn my leg on the muffler once though. As soon as I was old enough to get a licence I obtained a motor cycle licence. I had the loan of a 500 Speed Twin Triumph. This was back in 1953 and that bike was HEAVY. The only way I could kick start it was while it was on the back stand. Added to the problem was the fact that I was very small and thin. It was all I could do to hold the bike up as I stopped. That didn't stop me. I was stupid! I would drive long distances on the highway (which wasn't much of a highway in those days - more like our side streets in places, and some dirt road) One area, about an 8 hours ride from here, had black dirt, and with water streaming out of the eyes and riding into the wind, it wasn't easy to see where the black bitumen ended and the black dirt began. Needless to say I went for a slide and that is where I burnt my leg - but I didn't come off. Those were the days! No helmets, only sandals on the feet and no safety gear. But so silly!
• Indonesia
30 Apr 07
yes i have, when i'm in senior high scool i was fallen from motorcycle, it's very hurt but i'm still riding motorcycle because i loved to do that..hehehe
@Calais (10898)
• Australia
24 Apr 07
I fell off a motorbike a couple of months ago. I havnt ridden one for years ( I ride ATV's). It was way too heavy for me. I took off and dropped it and got stuck doing doughnuts around the water tap red lining it because my hand was stuck. I was ok but I did look around real quick to see if anyone saw me..lol.