Is it true??

@jesseca (209)
April 23, 2007 8:46pm CST
that if you love someone you must set him free?? it is very easy to say because your not the who is in pain.. its not easy to do it and you keep holding on even if he doesnt want you... Cause he feelings give you strengt to hold him and never let go... if your in that position, what will you do?? set him free or hold on even if he doesnt love you ??
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@Augustta (1860)
• Poland
26 Apr 07
jesseca,let me tell you from my is something great but can be the most paintful thing from all world... as my experience say if you let your match free he will stay happy near you without cheating you at all(if there is true love)...of course while to while little jealousy is good...but not to much,even you feel you will scream...i sugest you to see that movie"two can play this game" will learn a lot... augusta
@shak143 (1280)
• India
27 Apr 07
Nice say Agusta let free one whom you love is don't spy him don't investigate him belive him whole hearttedly.
@msjigga (866)
• United States
28 Apr 07
If you love something set it free if it comes back to you then is your and always will be your. If it dont come back to it never will and never was yours. I love that saying I think it is so true. Try it sometimes
• United Arab Emirates
28 Apr 07
It's really easier said than done. I guess you should put the saying this way for easier acceptance, if you love yourself, set yourself free. In a not so smooth relationship, sometimes it's holding on, sometimes it's setting free. There is always a room for moving on if you would only want to. You may feel sad, or may even grieve when you lose someone you dearly love but sadness must be overcome the soonest possible time. Somebody who can't love you back is not worth keeping. Set him free from your love and set yourself free from the pain.
@mofelorn (611)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
If your bf doesn't love you anymore then you have to let him go. What will happen to your relationship if you still be with him but he doesn't love you anymore. It's useless. So it's better to set him free.
@hmike_d (1529)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
It's really painful to let go that someone you really love... But then, what's the point of loving him/her if he/she him/herself can't pay it back to you and doesnt deserve to be loved by you? Sometimes, we need realize that when we love someone, we do everything even the hardest things just to please and make him/her happy. It's our pleasure when we see him/her full of joy all the way. Though much painful to feel, it would be for the good than being selfish. If letting go for his happiness makes it, then try to move on.