hey, how to sleep??

@jesseca (209)
April 23, 2007 8:48pm CST
ive been awake for the last 3 days.. no sleeping at all and eventhough im so tired, i still can go to bed.. i dunno why?? but need some sleep... really!! can someone here help me????'
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@mofelorn (611)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
If somethings bothering in your mind then it's really hard to sleep. You have to deal with it carefully. You need to relax your mind. Just listen a soothing music, exercise before going to bed. If it doesn't help find a psycologist to help you.
@hmike_d (1529)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
Basic is to have hot milk or take stress medicines. More appropriately, visit your doctor to have you prescribed with necessarily practices to remedy your situation. Stress plays a lot of role in having uneasiness and being sleepless.
@VotreAmie (3037)
• United States
24 Apr 07
Hi jesseca. Three days without sleep that's bad for your health. If you still can't go to sleep after that long then you need to take a sleeping pill. It's not good to take sleeping pills because you can get addicted to them but at this point I don't see any other solution. Take care.
@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
24 Apr 07
try to read the most boring stories. how bout yoga? or try to consult a doctor.