why law is not common to all in india?

April 24, 2007 12:16am CST
When an ordinary man commits any crime, a case is filed and he is immediately sent to Jail whereas if an influenced person did the similar type of crime, he is not put in Jail and he is released on bail and lateron even if the case goes against him, he is left scot free for further appeal in High court or Supreme Court. In the meanwhile with his money and political influence, he will try to make the wintness as hostile and this way finally he is let off. There are several examples to cite - say SALMAN KHAN and Dee poaching case, Sanjay Dutt in Criminal Act, and many more cases which are fading away with the passing of time. Even if an influenced person is put in Jail for For influenced people all comforts are provided in jail for a week or so just to eye wash the public outcry, they are provided all comforts in jail. Also after having enjoyed the political life, if any leader found guilty and sent to jail, apart from giving providing VIP treatment, he is on and off let off on the pretext of medical check up e.g. Subu Soran. Even kith and kin of political leaders are also given such treatment In fact, income of the jail staff increases when any such person is put behind bars. All this is happening because of accumulation of cases in the Courts for which Govts. are making slow progress for their selfish interest because most of the politicians in all the parties have the criminal records and they should be harboured / well treated for the survival of their governments. It is not known why there is no public reaction to this and why judiciary is silent in the matter.
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