Preparing ourselves to die...

@neon2000 (2758)
April 24, 2007 3:07am CST
We all know we are going to die. Let's accept and face the truth that we will go someday and pass away in this world. But preparing ourselves when it comes is a very realistic assumption that even the rich and famous have prepared themselves for it, what would you want, be buried or be cremated?
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@stella1989 (2274)
• India
26 Apr 07
Yes ..!! As nobody knows when are you going to die..!! So we have to improve the quality or our life so that we die peacfully..! What I mean to say is we should lead a life in good way ,I am not saying selflessly..!! but live each day throughly and fully cause nobody knows the future,love every one, get what you want,enjoy ,cry,play ,laugh,sleep,eat and every thing. I try to live each day as like its the last day of my life,fully included of every thing,with a little bit of spice,sault and sugary!! live glamorously.!