Who is your favourite player in a.c. milan?

April 24, 2007 3:10am CST
Now a.c.milan is very excellent football team and very popular all over the world.The players of a.c.milan did very good jobs for our fans.What do you think who your favourite player in a.c.milan is?Tell me Why,please!
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@nicola82 (478)
• Italy
29 Apr 07
A.C. Milan is my favourite football team so I like all Milan players without any differences but most of all I like pur captain Paolo Maldini, our simbol, our flag..
@gcmthiago (239)
• Brazil
28 Apr 07
My favorite Player in the Milan AC is KAKÀ, before playing in Milan it played in São Paulo FC.
• Italy
25 Apr 07
Hi all, I'm from Italy and I cheers for a.c. Milan as you can see... Well, it is very easy to answer to your question Kakà or Ronaldo, but there is a player that plays a fundamental role in the team, and his name is Gennaro Gattuso. He is the soul of the team, always running, always playng in an enthousiastic way so who cares if he has not first-rate feet as Ronaldo and Kakà?
• China
24 Apr 07
Kaka and Ronaldo ,of course.I love Ronaldo very much .He is one of the most congenital players in the world .Though His speed is slower and his state isn't steady because of elder age . But he is also one of the best football players in the world .And Kaka ,who I love better now. Not only his handsome ,but also his studious .It is really a enjoy to watch the game of his .
@portnoy (118)
24 Apr 07
my favorite player in acmilan is KAKA en ronaldo because they are is soul of acmilan club now