have u been close to people who hate u??

@aissha (2036)
April 24, 2007 7:15am CST
i know confusing ,now i'll elaborate there are people who are related to u and u have to be around them and they hate u for no reason mainly this applies on in-laws ,how u manage those people because u hav to be respectful and as well as tactful also,so how?
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@az03r4 (914)
• Indonesia
24 Jul 07
Hi aissha?? wow, really hard atmosphere. There must be bad thing that we have so that they hate us. I ever suffered such condition, but all I do just simply ignore that they're hate me and manner as usually. But, if they're really offended me, I'll go out from their life or plan to give them a revenge. he..he..he..
@crackhead (1826)
• India
26 Apr 07
Well without my knowing i was close to some one who hated me, but later on when i came to know that the person is hating me. Since i loved that person i never realized what was happening, i couldn't even guess that the person hated me. Even then after knowing that she hates me i couldn't stop liking her since i loved her so much.
@samrat16 (2442)
• India
24 Apr 07
Lolz my whole life is gone loving person , I hate most. It's like even she loves me a lot but hates me too. I'm speaking non other than about my mother. I have always loved her but our thoughts and view about life never matched. Even she is very dominating sort of and never like anybody to speak truth to her but I'm the one who is straight forward. She thinks she is a genius and can never be wrong. There are so many things to write but it's public forum so I should shut up now. lolz
• India
24 Apr 07
no never i dont even lookk at them because i dont like them so i dont see at them