how do you people out there celebrate the wedding?

@unuzzz (1273)
April 24, 2007 7:19am CST
here in my country, people celebrate the wedding in a very lavish way.. well it depends on the budget too but most people here hold the party at a hotel they invite lots of people families, friends, relatives, business colleagues, etc usually the total of the guests reach at least an amount of 500 people.. but many even more i once invite to a wedding party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, it's a five stars hotel the brides invite almost 1200 people, the dish is really extravagant.. the decoration is really really beautiful the hall was decorated as it's a versailles palace, the entrance door was covered with satin and an antique chandeliere on its satin covered ceiling there are also lots of red roses on the hall maybe it's a little difficult for me to describe how it looks, so i put a picture i took the bride's gown was by vera wang, and the groom's suit was zegna.. i have no idea about the other items cost on that wedding but when i sum it all, i'm sure the total amount can afford a house there are lots of grand party held there at the Hyatt, but it's the lavish one i ever attend
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• Indonesia
24 Apr 07
our common way just hold party to celebrate..
@aciddrop (798)
24 Apr 07
i think ppl celebrate wedding in similar ways all around the china,its also a custom to invite as many ppl as possible to eat dinner or have party in a hotel or restaurant.of course the richer youi are,the more expensive hotel you can rent,and the more ppl will the same time,ppl invited are supposed to bring some money in red envelop to the bride and gloom as blessing.
@tater03 (1765)
• United States
24 Apr 07
Wow, now that is some big wedding. We could have had a big wedding but we opted for a smaller weddding and reception and used the money we saved on a down payment for a house. Which in the end was fine because my wedding day to me was perfect and we now have our house also.