life is good

April 24, 2007 7:41am CST
life is one bad in my i am going in any time in hot movies and playing cards is good for me and i have some good friend with me that give me suppor to spent good life and living we are enjoying life very much more and we are also enjoying our father and mother living very much so we are enthusisitic and hard working people we are never depressed with our life and working we only regrate with our work 1000 doller per month but it is enough for our life and we got great regreat to the god that they are giving us a very good life and entusiasm and our good life is good so much good by time to time and my kids and my wife also suppot me to spent a good life my life is full of enjoy when i get return to my house that time my wife give me a fresh food to eat and fresh drink to sip and tea or coffee my small child come with me papa you are so tired and now l am giving a great regarding.
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