My First Dollar at MyLOT

@asahibza (388)
April 24, 2007 8:30am CST
I am very happy today. I crossed my first dollar mark on MyLot. I think it took me 9 days to reach that level: that is how old I am on MyLot. My total earnings to date are $1.05. I am just curious to know who made the fastest dollar on MyLot. Are you listening? How long did it take you to make that dollar. Right now I don't want to go below 10 cents a day. OK, let me do some brainstorming. I think it takes me 3-5 posts to make 10-15 cents. I posted 6 times on April 23, 2007. And my earnings jumped from 91 cents to $1.05. That means a little more than 2 cents per post. What is your experience. How much do you make per post on an average. I really would like to have the statistics regarding per post. Who has the maximum earnings per post. Will you let me and others know. Come on. Wait a minute. Let me see my math. I made $1.05 on 36 posts. So dividing my total earnings by my total posts (earnings / posts), gives me almost 2.9 cents per post (NOT 2 CENTS). With 2.9 cents per post, please tell me how I am doing. Please divide your total earnings by your total number of posts in order to get that figure and let me know. Let us see who is making most per post. Also let us keep a tab on the trend of earnings. Are these going down or up. For me, I think they improved a bit. Please let me know how much you are making per post. Maybe we will have a contest here.
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@feliniti (875)
24 Apr 07
Conratulations on making your first dollar! I made my first dollar a couple of days ago, but I had more posts than you. About 80 I think it was. You seem to write more content in your posts so I can only assume that perhaps it is more important to write a longer post. I will try to do this in future, but it is not always easy. Keep up the good work, and well done! I think 2.9 cents per post is amazing. I am currently making about 1.25 cents per post.