Do you have to be a geek to love gadgets

April 24, 2007 9:29am CST
I am an IT Trader and buy and sell IT products in volume. because the IT industry is so tight on margin I have been looking for the next best thing in the gadget sector! After months and months of searching for a product I came across what i think to be gadget of the year. :-) But now I have found it I am struggling to get it off the ground because with out seeing it you cannot be amazed by it and by not hearing it you cannot be shocked by it. GUTTED!!! If your a geek and love gadgets would you buy an audio product online when you have not seen what it can do but love the technology behind it??? Please do not be affended by the term geek as i am one myself :-) I also have the sole ditribution rights on it(which hurts even more)
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• India
29 Apr 07
U dont have to b a geek to love gadgets. In fact, if u love technology, u r automatically labelled a geek by all. None of us could understand all types of technologies everytime. In ma case, I can get the feel of a machine just by touching it. I love technology very much. I would say one thing..if i know and understand the technology behind a product....and if i like it...then i won't hesitate to buy it online.
30 Apr 07
Thats a great response. Thanks for your help and information. I will send you a message of what product I have when its all sorted my end and you can let me know what you think??