Shopping with girls.....It takes HOOOURS!!!!!!

@kteja_86 (293)
April 24, 2007 9:43am CST
The other day,i went shopping with a couple of my friends who are girls...And did i get psyched up or seemed to they were gonna be there forever,AWWWW!!!! Why do they take sooo long to decide?!?!!?!?
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@aciddrop (798)
24 Apr 07
lol.i admit that its really time-consuming when girls shop.and its always a big turn-off for guys to shop with girls.we just like to compare things in different shops and bargain a lot:P once my bf went shopping with first he gave me suggestions for evey piece of clothes i tried on but in the end,he just directly sat down wherever had chairs and left me alone to shop.after we finished he said"you've spent 4 hours for only one time you can ask your friends to shop with you",which i think its pretty funny:) well i dont like shooping with guys even with my bf guys are just too inpatient!:P