What would you do if their yelling drove you nuts?

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
April 24, 2007 10:35am CST
So he comes in and everything is a big deal. There is never a minor issue it is always as if it were life threatening but realistically it isn't. Ranging from the dog not having a full dish of food to someone took his hair brush. Everything causes him to shout these days. I have tried talking and I have tried ignoring but nothing works. Heck I have even tried to have everything perfect but with kids that is never an option. I know he is under stress at work and he is sick which they say can cause these out bursts but ok enough is enough. Sick or not yelling doesn't work well with me. I am lost as to what to do.
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@milagre (1272)
• Portugal
24 Apr 07
I have the same problem :( I hate yellings, and i already told him. But is worthless to yell at the same time as him does it. So I just let him yelling all he has to yell and after that, i make my point. If he starts yelling again i do the same, cross my arms, facing him, very calm, waitting until he stops, and i do as many stops as it needs to finish the conversation and make my point. I even ask "did you finish yelling?"