Crow, the most hated bird of the world, I feel.

@navtech (1776)
April 24, 2007 10:35am CST
In Animal Planet and Discovery TV challans I had seen many people rearing various kind of animals and birds but I never saw Crow is being reared by anybody. I hate crow though it is one of the birds which saves human beings from various kind of diseases because it eats all sort of non-sense foods. Neither it is vegetarian nor non-vegetarian. It eats each and everything. Therefore all sorts of insects which might bring to diseases to human beings are killed by Crow. It is one of the uglist bird. When I was young, my friend used to describe Crow as follows " This crow right now thinking, that if I were big enough to swallow human being, I would kill all the human beings and enjoy life like a King. What ulgly human beings here on the earth". All the birds on the earth has some sort of attraction and the people appreciate their beauty but crow, the way it looks, craws in communion, it is horrible. We have established belief that if a crow, while flying hit you accidently then it is considered to be bad omen and some misfortune would take place. Of course I do not belief this superstitious belief but one crow hit me while flying, and within a few hours I had a minor accident. What our Mylot world members consider this, I do not know.
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@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
24 Apr 07
I love crows, they are the smartest bird around these parts. I feed the crows, they are my friends and what great personalities they have. Did you know crows mate for life? They have it all over us humans that mate and leave. I love the springtime when the fledglings leave the nest and are learning what food is and what isn't. They will pick up a stone and spit it out then pick up a peanut and instantly realize it is food. When you feed them they will eat a bit of the food then they fill up their beak and off they fly and hide the food. They can always remember where the food is hidden and go back later to retrieve it. I wish more people would stop and watch crows for awhile and realize how smart and wonderful they truly are. They recognize me around here as I always have a pocket full of peanuts for them. They follow me around the block and land at my feet. Sometimes I feel silly walking to the bank from work as they follow me, they wait outside the bank and then follow me back to work. For me the crow is the most magnificent intelligent creature in the sky.
@Galena (9120)
24 Apr 07
I love when the young magpies are starting to go out and about. they scrap a lot and throw each other on the ground, and the NOISE! if they were human you know they'd be cussing the air blue. hehe. proper clowns.
@navtech (1776)
• India
24 Apr 07
Thanks. Your information on crow really a news to me. I really happy to read your information. Actually I never knew that crow can be tamed.