immatured times

April 24, 2007 11:33am CST
when i was young, i grew up with my "yaya"..coz mom always had to work everyday. which i cudnt understand,i got jealous coz all of my friends n classmates had their mom everytime,unlike me..i only have my "yaya"...i used to hate mom for leaving me with her, i was so young..i cudnt get the point that she was only doin it for me, for my future..n now that im grown up ive realized all her sacrifices, and all that she had done for me. i love my mom, and im proud of her! i juz wana share this to everybody..n i wanna hear some of other daughters feel for their mom...
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• Philippines
2 May 07
Believe it or not, I still have my yaya with me. Although she mainly does household chores now, she still thinks of me as her little baby. I call her Nanay. :) She's been here since I was 6 months old, now I'm almost 20. It's been that long. But my mom never worked outside because my dad and her started their own business so now she just works from home. I love my mom. She is very very intelligent and she had a huge future. I mean, she could have worked outside after we were born but she chose to let go of her dreams for us. There were times when she wanted to leave because she was having a hard time with my dad...but she didn't. she stuck by him because we were still young.