April 24, 2007 2:56pm CST
I would like to ask you all something, and I did not know where would be appropriate to put my topic, so I am here writing to all of you. I wonder what it means if your mother is always critical of you. I hear some people say that that is because she wants the best for you, but why would somebody think that criticizing all the time would help a person? I must say that I do not agree with that, even though I think that a little bit of criticizing can help a person improve, but, on the other hand, it can also hava a negative impact on somebody, and most of all, lower their self-esteem. I think that feeling good about yourself is one of the most important things, not to mention one of the healthiest things. My question to you is: why would somebody behave in such a way? What is the reason behind it? For example, I recently got accepted into the master's program; however, it is not the master's program that I initially wanted. My mother acts as if that is nothing. Just to tell you that this is not the only time that she acted like this. Nothing ever satisfies her, and I am old enough not to take all of that seriously, but, when one approaches a child like that, then that is a whole different story. Thank you for reading and answering.
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25 Apr 07
This is a tough one. Mothers and fathers have such an impact on thier children and most times do not know that depth of that impact. The slightest off hand negative, non supportive comment can crush a childs confidence. I do believe a lot of times that when a person is constantly critical... its more about them than you. They are struggling with not being satisfied with thier lives in one way or another- so instead of focusing on themselves- they project thier issues, negative feelings etc onto you. Be proud of your decisions no matter what anyone says, even your mother. Only you know what is best for you at any given moment. ~at home mommy~