how much time did you spent in the internet cafe

@aribaba (368)
April 24, 2007 9:52pm CST
i spent almost 4 hours a day in the internet cafe. it's most private place i can get, and i can meet different people here. so, how much time did you spent in the internet cafe?
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• Malaysia
25 Apr 07
when i was 14 years old i didn't have a computer at my if i wanna surf the internet i had to go to internet cafe.but the maximum i will spent on internet cafe was 3 hours.not more than is because the charge for 1 hour also is quite expensive. so it is not worth it to spend a lot of time there.besides the internet cafe usually is very is full mostly with they will play games like counter-strike and shout to each other.i heard got once there was fighting happened in the internet cafe too. after that police did not let teenagers under 18 years old to enter the internet cafe.besides a lot of school student was playing truant didn't go to school.instead they were playing games in there with school uniform.i went to internet cafe for one year only.after that i stopped. when i was 17 years old finally my parents bought me a computer to use at i did not have to go out to surf the internet anymore.besides i am using broadband connection right i am using it fully from the day until the night.since i am paying a lot for this broadband every month
@juntoboy (612)
• Indonesia
25 Apr 07
now. i never go to internet cafe. i have private internet at home now. i can 24 hour a day in my computer. because i work at Information technology consultant.
@billyboi (47)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
before 3-4 hrs...
@nill_07 (1104)
• Bangladesh
25 Apr 07
I spend average 6 hours a day in internet but it is not in cyber cafe.I am involved with a small software firm along with my two friends & most of the time I use internet from here.Some times I also use internet from my room (speed so slow) & few times from my university lab.I am so lucky that would not go to cafe but it may be in future I am not sure.Do you not use internet from other places without cafe?