why are some people get into a relationship that is forbidden?

April 24, 2007 11:10pm CST
i know some people or i even have friend who are in a relationship that is forbidden. their boyfriend or girlfriend is already married. how can they stand into that kind of relationship when they know that theyre already breaking a family? what about their morals? i asked them why and they usually answer....because "i love him". that reason in a way i can understand because of love though its still wrong, right?. what about those into this kind of relationship and their reason is because of money..whew!!! dont they have conscience? huh!!!..what do you think?????
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@SHAMRACK (8521)
• India
26 Oct 07
love is true until we see the inside - Judgment of love
Hi, Either to love that person or his reputation or wealth. It is just a variation of true love and artificial love. True is very difficult to attained and those attained are few luckiest people and one of the God's best gift. Any those love turning to be more materialistic rather than more humanistic effect is always worse. Hope a true lover has a better peace of mind than other.
@trinihd (996)
• United States
23 Aug 07
I think it's part desperation and part "sociopathic-thinking"! I've had friends say that and I look at them and ask them if they are mad to speak like that!! I guess you have to either have a conscience that you listen to, or have had a firsthand look or personal insight into a victim of such a relationship to understand how wrong it is to do that, and how no amount of so-called real love or lust can ever excuse it!! It's human for things to cross one's mind but to actually act upon those thoughts knowing that there's a family at stake here, and people ARE going to get hurt, whether you believe it or not, whether they are currently happy or not, that's where it seems like people have lost their souls...the thing that separates us from animals. In other words, if we don't listen to our conscience and act upon the direction of our conscience, and we know our conscience will not steer us wrong, then how are we different from animals?
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I think its because the guy that they fall for make them so much promises like "i will leave my wife for you", or "I love you, and i dont love my wife" or "Your better than my wife"... And some girls are just in for that just for money. That only what i think.
• India
25 Apr 07
because they think this kind of relationship is wlways interesting in some aspect..but they might also love themm.but according to me this is lust based.those whose harmonal secretion is high go into any kind of relationship just to satisfy their harmonal secretion..they should be punished
@lonely_f16 (2147)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I think it's because they're weak to face the truth. They need to stop their relationship but they don't have the strength to do so.