School bags are getting heavier by load of books ...........

@skbadhan (881)
April 24, 2007 11:13pm CST
in our day today life i frequently see most of students specily of primary classes loaded with heavy bags on there shoulders . some are taking help of there parents to drop them to school.The most suffrers are students of hilly states where there are less means of tranprotation or still no roads and students go on foot and reaches to therte schools after usual travelling of 3-4 kilometers. I am discussing here the situation in india i don't have enough knowlege about other countries so plese do reply to my disscussion as i am much intrested about knowing about ur places..........
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@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
25 Apr 07
It is the same here in the united States. In Knasas anyway. My daughters are both grown now and I have a granddaughter nd nieces and nephew in schiool. My youngest niece is c=very small and light. Her book bag is so hear=vy she cannot hardly lift it. They had to instruct teacher to copy pages in office and send with her and she leave the books at school becasue she cannot carry. When my daughters were in school they would go through 2 or 3 book bags each year. the bags seams would rip due to the weight in the bags. My granddaughter will forget thinks and we think it is on purpose because it is too heavy. She is bigger than most kids her age and they expect she can carry a lot but she is still just a little 1st grader.
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@patgalca (15562)
• Orangeville, Ontario
25 Apr 07
I am more bothered by the fact that they don't make these backpacks strong enough to last carrying these heavy loads. My girls go through two backpacks in one school season. It is ridiculous and costly. My daughter asked me why they made text books hard cover. She said it would be easier if they were soft cover because it would be easier to transport homework home. I told her they made them hard cover because they would last longer and therefore save the schools money in the long run. It certainly would help the shoulders of our children if text books were soft cover.
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